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Introducing myself

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My name is Chris Wainwright and I have always fancied the idea of being a writer. I am only now getting stuck into it as I see that my time is running out.

As I look back, I can see that I have always had an odd memory for the comical things in life, so I have set about writing some of them down. I hope you enjoy these recollections.

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My Story

To put it simply, I have a rather busy life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am constantly thinking of my next adventure once I have achieved the previous one. I think I am an entrepreneur. I know I'm the MD of a successful demolition company, a restaurant/hotel owner in North Wales, an Author, a property dabbler and a father to six extraordinary children. 

My inspiration

My inspiration for the book came from a mix of my rugby days and my involvement in the business industry of Liverpool back in the late 1900's. 'Gentlemen, I give you' is a mix of untold stories, namedropping and life lessons all put into one fabulous cause. 

There is no doubt that my rugby years also influenced my choice of charity for the book. Doddie Wier is a legend in the rugby community so I wanted to do my bit to support him.

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For any media inquiries, please contact agent Chris:

 07730 922 435

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