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A little introduction to 'Gentlemen, I Give You...'

Amongst many of his other ventures Chris decided to write his first book, studying English at university Chris has always been a keen writer but with six children and a handful of businesses to run it's no surprise that he struggles to find the time.

Finally, we are here. Chris has written and published his first book 'Gentlemen, I Give You...' with all of the books proceeds going towards Motor Neurone Disease research with the 'My Name'5 Doddie Foundation'.

The book began to evolve when it dawned on Chris that his friendship group probably each had a good book in them following their colourful and illustrious business careers in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. They had built some pretty large serious businesses and in doing so had often times forged deals on handshakes and made lifelong in the process. All this while having a good time, working and playing hard.

Chris put the book together by meeting up with the protagonists in various ways and getting down their anecdotes. He mixes this with an array of Ronnie Corbett like diversions and anecdotes.

Help us fight this nasty disease!

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