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Doddie 500 cycle

It is clear by the sheer interest and size of support that the ‘My Name'5 Doddie Foundation’ receives through its fundraisers that people are aware what a great cause this charity really is. The Foundation and its supporters are committed to helping improve the lives of those affected by Motor Neurone Disease, a nasty disease that is currently ‘incurable’.

The most recent campaign for raising money and awareness was the 500 mile cycle in 48 hours, whilst carrying the rugby ball from Edinburgh to Cardiff for the Wales v Scotland game.

On Thursday 10th February a group of hardy cyclists, including Chris Wainwright, ventured out from Murrayfield Stadium to complete the challenge of cycling from Edinburgh to Cardiff. After 50 hours of treacherous weather, wind, sweat and sometimes blood they completed their mission of helping to deliver the match ball for the Wales vs Scotland rugby match to the Principality stadium in Cardiff.

A handful of them, including around the world record holder Mark Beaumont and former Scottish and British Lion rugby player Rob Wainwright completed it solo. The rest were made up of 20 teams of 4 doing the journey in a relay. Each team had a support vehicle they sourced themselves, for sleeping, snacking etc.

On Chris' team their support vehicle had many sponsors supporting their mission to raise money for MND. Chris had been training like mad, probably to no avail, and was part of team one.

His cousin Rob was one of the main driving forces behind the event and the ‘My Name’5 Doddie Foundation’.

The event is aimed to raise money for the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation and Rob’s great involvement stems from his long-time friend and rugby partner Doddie Wier; who the charity is named after. Doddie suffers from Motor Neurone Disease, and they are trying to raise millions into funding research and fighting this dreadful disease.

It's a good thing they made it to Cardiff to deliver the match ball! Unless they secretly swapped it for a brand new one...

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